Flash Mobile Error Testing on IOS: Application Verification Error

I'm making a flash mobile app in intellij using the starling framework with adobe air with flex sdk 4.14.1
I'm using Intellij IDEA version 14.1.4

The app has been fine for a while in release mode on android devices. Recently, we purchased the ios developer license and have been trying to publish to ios devices. The app works fine in the ios emulator.

I'm currently using an ipad 2 16gb. I added the ipad's serial number in the ios provisioning profile page. For some reason I am getting this error message when trying to test on the device: "Installation Error: ApplicationVerificationFailed"

Here's a picture of the exact error:

Any advice helps. thanks.

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IntelliJ IDEA uses ADT tool from the Flex SDK to install IPA on the device. Unfortunately ADT tool is not verbose enough to give understanding on the failure. You may try to install the same IPA manually using iTunes, may be its error message will be more friendly.


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