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i've been a FDT/eclipse user for a long time (6/7 years) and i started playing with intellij for a week, so far so good but i'm stuck trying to mimic eclipse build configurations.
With FDT i used to create build profiles (project properties > FDT AIR properties), there i create different profile for each platform (android dev, android preprod, android prod, ios dev, etc...). Then i used to create a build configuration linked to each profile so when i need a android dev build i launch corresponding configuration and got my build.
Using Intellij i try to achieve same thing so i create my profiles (file > project structure > modules) then i go run > edit configurations to create each builds for each profiles but when i run a build it will compiles all swf from all profiles and it takes quite a long time since i have 9 profiles. I saw you can check "skip compilation..." from profiles but looks a pain since u'll have to check/uncheck this option each time u want to use associated build configuration.
Is there any other way to avoid compiling all profiles? Or maybe i'm doing wrong?


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Int IntelliJ IDEA you can configure one or more Flash modules each containing one or more Flash Build Configurations (BCs), which are shown as module subnodes in Project Structure dialog. Separately you configure Flash Run Configurations (Run | Edit Configurations) which are based on BCs. When you start a run configuration only required BC is compiled.
Module is a set of source roots, nothing more. All compile/packaging options are configured at BS level: SDK, debepndencies, maim class, output folder, compiler options, AIR descriptor, files to include in package, etc.
If you want to have several configurations for shared code base the best would be to configure a single module with several BCs. Hint: once you configure one BC you can create its clone by clicking Copy button in the Project Structure dialog.


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