What settings will and will not be migrated between 12 & 13

Is there a list of what settings do not get migrated/imported when switching between IDEA 12 & 13? On both the IDE configuration and per project levels.

  • Noticed yesterday I lose database classpath information when switching a project between 12 & 13.

  • Seems IDEA 13 has not carried over Tasks configuration from IDEA 12 - which I think is more of a global setting (13 also hides task dropdown by default).

  • Move to changelist option seems to have vanished from IDEA 13 tab context menu (not sure if this is because I imported IDEA 12 settings?)

  • Lost most of my IDEA 12 plugins during the settings import. Did briefly see an update notification after starting 13 for first time, but ignored it at the time. Will I have to rebuild these manually now?

Anything else I need to reconfigure? Does importing previous settings cause conflicts with new or changed functionality in IDEA 13 (custom menus, toolbars, keymaps)?

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