Execute without allocationg a new console


I have a run configurations that calls pt.ipb.utils.TouchFile on a file that triggers a jetty reload. I have set this configuration to not show a console when stantard outputs changes, however when I run this configurations a new run console tab is created that outputs the folowing:
Process finished with exit code 0

I have a debug console tab opened with some logs from my web application. When I run my configuration that reloads jetty, a new (or existing) run console tab is opened and I don't want that because I have to click on debug console tab to see the logs from my web app. With eclipse there is an option to execute without allocationg a new console. Can I do the same with Intellij IU-132.1045 (Centos 64 and OSX 10.9.0)

Filipe Sousa

Vassiliy Kudryashov
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Please check if console setting "Focus On Startup" (check popup menu) is selected or unselected. If it's selected console will "steal" focus every time when appears.
You cannot disable console output.

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Right clicking on "Reload" tab I'm getting

Close Tab,
Close All,
Pin Tab
Select Next Tab,
Select Previous Tab
Show List of Tabs
Pinned Mode
Docked Mode
Floating Mode
Split Mode
Show Views as Tabs
Move To

No Focus On Startup

I'm attaching a video that illustrates what I'm trying to do. When I hit reload it steals the focus from debug console

Vassiliy Kudryashov
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I see. Unfortunately you cannot avoid this console.


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