Darcula theme defaults for IDEA 13

I'm wondering how can I find out what the default component font IDEA 13 Darcula theme is using on my Linux distro (possibly on windows too). Haven't been able to find a theme file in my IDEA config folders or inside IntelliJ installation folders.

What I'd like to do is peg the font size down a point or so, IDEA 13 IDE/Components font on Linux at least is larger than in IDEA 12 and larger than my current editor font. Alternatively I might try the font family in my editor - just want to tweak and find a more harmonious balanace. But I'm not sure how the font substitution is being resolved (CentOS 6 and/or Windows 7).


This is 132.1045 EAP .tar.gz EAP build running on Java Quite wide sans-serif font used in tools windows, menus and the like. Especially bad when text is bold or capitalized.

Alternatively can anyone can suggest a component font and size for Linux? Suspect I'm seeing some poor substitution thanks to CentOS.
Can check to see if the expected default set are installed or not.


Have you looked at File->Settings->Appearance - under the IDE Settings at the end ?

There is Theme selection box and an "override default fonts by (not recommended)" selection box.

I'm using Darcula on a 1280x1024 screen with the default font Andale Mono, size 12 (using nVidia drivers on linux - xubuntu) and it seems fine to me. I did notice that although I'm pretty sure the font and size was claimed to be the same in v 12 as in the EAP 13 build that I'm using it is slightly larger in v 13.



I looked at that but this isn't the default for the theme, its appears to be the first item of an asciibetically sorted list of installed fonts? on mine this reads 'AR PL UMing CN' which I guess is a Chinese locale font of some kind? looks horrible - that's definitely not the theme default. There's a hundred or more of them - could try them all... but no guarantee I've got the same ones installed as the Jetbrains devs do.

It's a significantly larger font than IDEA 12 on this company imaged CentOS 6. See screenshot no overriding appearance font in either version, it's just Darcula in IDEA 12 & 13 on same machine. 13 initially looks better rendered but it is bigger esp if you compare with editor font (just visible) big enough to lose a couple of vertical lines and some horizontal text.



On thinking a little more...Darcula, and presumably the other themes, have a default font but they do not reveal it even when you tick the 'Override default font...' in my case Andale Mono is simply the first font in the list and that's all, hmmm...

I did have a quick check and certainly Verdana and Uubuntu Mono are very similar - but the 'i' isn't correct...and it could be Lucida Console but the 'l' is wrong...so many fonts...



I found another way to get the info I needed. Wrote a small LivePlugin plugin to dump the contents of the PLAF UIDefaults. As this runs in the same context as IDEA plugins it dumps all the lookandfeel defaults of Darcula. So I now know on my box most of the IDE component fonts use: [family=Dialog,name=Tahoma,style=plain,size=11] for Linux IDEA12 (Bitstream Vera Sans Mono,style=plain,size=12 for Darcula 12 on Windows7) and: [family=DejaVu Sans,name=DejaVu Sans,style=plain,size=13] for Linux IDEA13.

Darclua is implemented by com.intellij.ide.ui.laf.darcula.DarculaLaf in the lib/idea.jar. Theres a few property files, but nothing detailing fonts it seems.

Not sure how DejaVu got in here for 13? font being a couple of point bigger is an actual IDEA13 change I'd guess, but DejaVu family a font substitution?

I'll have to find some stackoverflow articles on Linux font substitution, I've never been able to work that out. Would still be useful to know from somebody with the Darcula source what the defaults being requested are on Linux, for both versions. What substitution did the designers expect? Why different substitutions occur? what lines should I look for in any OS font mapping...


The only thing I'd add is that there are at least two fonts in use - the basic menus and pull-downs are one font and the editor uses another - and probably more. I must admit I was looking at the editor - that's why I mentioned Lucida etc. and DejaVu Sans Mono is another similar but it's not the font used here for the editor...Tahoma could definitely be the one in the menus etc.

I must admit that these days I tend to leave things alone - although I do rather agree with you about the sizing of the fonts in 13 - provided that it is a decent, clear sans serif font I'm generally content.



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