132.719: "failed to create JVM"


I haven't seen this issue before.  I've been on 13 for months, doing the update every month, as required.  Is there some kind of log file I can view to see where the problem is?



Immediately after launching the application.  The little splash screen comes up momentarily, the progress bar then reaches a certain point, and the splash screen is then replaced with a little error box with the above error message displayed.  No further progress is possible.

~Paul T.


Could you please attach a screenshot of the message, the log (http://devnet.jetbrains.com/docs/DOC-181), bin/idea.*.vmoptions file? Which OS are you using?


This may not be your case, but I have seen it in mine.  I am running under windows and if I set the -Xmx setting in the vmoptions file to high (i.e. 1512 MB or more) it will cause this error.  Either set the -Xmx setting lower or run idea64.exe from the bin directory, if you are running under a 64 bit OS, and this will fix it.  Again, this was the problem I had and may not be yours.


Yeah, I got this initially too - because I'd modified my IDEA configuration.

The first thing I always do to an IDEA installation is edit the idea.exe.vmoptions and idea.properties.

For the project I work on currently, I normally use -Xms512m -Xmx768m.  Works fine in IDEA 12, but breaks on the beta that was distrubted yesterday - in exactly the way you've described.
I assume this is not a JetBrains thing, but an Oracle thing - I'm guessing 13 is being distributed with a new internal JVM.

If you have been fiddling with your vmoptions like I was, try it with the original settings. You may find you don't need the extra heap anymore anyway.  
It seems we no longer have the option of compiling in-process, so a lot of the heap burden will transferred to the compiler sub-process.

Edit: Windows XP SP3, by the way.


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