Show more Gradle tasks in build menu?

Having the Build task as a hotkey-able GUI menu item in IntelliJ is a huge timesaver! Is there a way to get IntelliJ to populate the menu with the other tasks available to my gradle project (e.g., classes, test, jar, assemble, check, shadowJar, jacoco, cucumber, ...)?

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You can create Run/Debug configurations for the task you need:

Then execute any of them via quick menu (Run | Run... | Alt+Shift+F10).

Another option is to create a Quick List with Gradle tasks:

Assign a shorcut for your quick list:

Now you have a nice pop-up of tasks invoked by the shortcut:

This popup has 10 hot items under numbers, press any number to invoke. Start typing the task name to narrow down the list and execute other tasks.


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