AspectJ - Why Don't @Around JoinPoint Breakpoints Get Hit?

I took this example here to test out some AspectJ features.

If I put a breakpoint on the System out here I can hit it just fine.

public class TestAspect {

    @Before("execution (* com.aspectj.TestTarget.test*(..))")
    public void advice(JoinPoint joinPoint) {
        System.out.println("TestAspect.advice() called on '%s'%n", joinPoint);

However, if I change it to an @Around joinpoint the breakpoint is not hit but the console shows that the code in the joinpoint was run.

  @Around("execution (* com.aspectj.TestTarget.test*(..))")
  public Object advice(ProceedingJoinPoint invocation) throws Throwable {
    System.out.println("Around TestAspect.advice() called on '%s'%n", invocation);
    return null;

Is there a reason why the @Around is not hit? It doesnt get hit in eclipse either.
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Decompiling bytecode shows that in the latter case the advice is inlined as a synthetic method in the TestTarget class, so that actuallTestAspect.advice() method is never executed.


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