Maven settings lost everytime i open a project

IntelliJ loses all my maven settings everytime I open a new project. Even the path to
maven directory and defaults to bundled maven. Is anyone else facing the same problem.


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It's a new regression, please follow for updates.

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Hello Serge Baranov,

I have a quite same problem.

I configured my default settings (on splash screen when I launch IntelliJ).

I have also configure my settings repository to backup my settings (I replace my remote to be sure that is OK).

Here are my tests : 

- I launch IntelliJ, then first popin open

- I open Configure menu / then Preferences / then I check my custom maven directory on "Build, Execution,deployment" / "Build tools" / "Maven" / "Maven home directory" ==> it's OK, there is my custom maven home directory

- then I click on "OK", I come back to first popin

- I open a new Project, the main window opens

- I check again on preference that if my custom maven directory is OK => it's OK

- I develop, I launch my server => all is OK

- then I close IntelliJ main window

- the popin appears, and I check my custom maven directory ==> then, my custom maven directory changed to embedded IntelliJ maven directory (If I changed other options like "annotation enabled", these options are kept)

=> can you explain me why and how can I keep my custom maven directory

thank you a lot.


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Make sure to edit the default project settings, as the current project settings that you edit do not apply to any new projects. .


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