Whats Up With The Gradle Support?

The Gradle support seems to be very limited and disappointing.

I started to type depen and expected it to auto-complete to dependencies but it didn't.
Then I tried Alt-Insert and nothing happened.

I started to create a FileTree as per

I got as far as

tree = fileTree(dir: ''

But there were no suggestions if I started typeing src or c:/tools/ for example

When I double click on a target in the Ant or Maven windows they run.
When I do the same in the Gradle window nothing happens.
It turns out I have to right-click Run target.

If I start to import an ant class for filtering as per http://www.gradle.org/docs/current/userguide/userguide_single.html#filterOnCopy  the auto-complete of the import statement fails to resolve.

In 4 years since the Gradle Support was announced (http://blogs.jetbrains.com/idea/2009/08/gradle-support/) all that has appeared is the ability to run targets from a tool window and a bit of syntax highlighting.

You can't even use F4 to jump to the gradle script from the Tool Window in the same way that you can in Ant and Maven Tool Windows.

In my expereince, this lack of support discourages the use of gradle over ant or maven.

Why did you choose to spend all the time on the Tool Window and running the targets from IDEA instead of making the creation of the build scripts pleasurable?



Gradle integration doesn't provide any gradle-specific *.gradle editing facilities at the moment. They are treated as regular groovy scripts at the moment. However, it's being implemented right now and we expect to have solid support at IJ v.13.

Regarding current feature set - it was considered that it's more important to have easy to use 'import from gradle' and 'execute gradle task' support than *.gradle editing. The main reason is that it allows to easily get external gradle-backed projects configured at the ide.

Regarding 'task on double click' it's already supported at 13.x branch. F4 is also supported at the tool window now.



Just thought I would necro-post on this 7 year-old thread since I got an update on a 5 year old linked bug (https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-137595)

Despite what is said above, F4 is not supported properly.

It jumps to the build.gradle (sometime the wrong one if you are using imports) but it doesn't jump to the task.

So it is over a decade after gradle support was announced and we still don't have parity with ANT features such as being able to jump to tasks!


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