How to configure SQL language injection in Scala/Anorm?


I'm using Leda IU 122.29 with Scala plugin 0.6.77 and Play2 plugin 0.1.23.

In my Play project I use Anorm for persistence and in the DAO code there is a lot of code like this:

  def findAll(): Seq[Membership] = {
    DB.withConnection {
      implicit connection =>
        SQL("SELECT * FROM memberships").as(parser *)

I would like the Language Injection to detect that anorm.SQL(stmt:String) takes one string parameter which really is SQL.

I have tried to create a "generic Scala injection" in Preferences->Language Injection but I can't get it right and I haven't found any documentation that points me in the right direction when it comes to Scala injections.
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I'm using this places pattern which is working for me:

+ scalaLiteral().callArgument(0, psiMethod().withName("SQL").withParameters("java.lang.String"))

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I have the same problem and cannot make it work, even with the solution proposed.

I use both anorm SQL function and SQL implicit method for string interpolation. But none of them work with this pattern... :(

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Please raise a ticket with code example attached  at 


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