How to create a gradle project? No "New" template?


I am trying to figure out how to create a gradle project in intellij 12.1EAP.

I have tried New Project but there is no type for gradle, if i create a new java project I can't see any way to add a gradle project.

In JetGradle it appears i can link to a gradle project but i don't see any way to create a new one.

I am still a newbie with gradle but from what i understand there is a special structure to follow and if i create a new java project this project isn't being followed.

I have searched everything for a tutorial for intellij and gradle but i can't find anything.

I would appreciate any feedback or help, I am currently lost

Thanks in advance


Hi Ian,

There is indeed no way to create a new gradle project at 12.1, i.e. the only way is to create build.gradle manually, create empty java project and link that build.gradle to it.

That is planned for v.13. Our gradle support is being re-designed at the moment and the new plugin will be assembled for 12.1 and made available for manual update.



Thanks Denis,

Is this already available in 13 EAP which i noticed has been released, or should I wait ??



No, that is not available at the EAP yet. I'll make a post at IJ blog when that is ready and QA-ed.



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