Code changes, no update after make

I've seen this listed before online, but none of the solutions seem to be working. I am updating code, recompiling, and not seeing a difference in the trace output. If I create an intentional error in the file that I'm changing, make detects the error.

I removed the cache, and removed the swc, but no difference. Am I missing something?

Specifically I'm changing a trace statement, and not seeing the results in the console. Also what is interesting is that the debugger does not stop in that particular library.

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Is it possible to attach a sample project to reproduce?
If not then please attach .idea folder and all *.iml files zipped and describe in details what you do. Where is the file located in which you edit trace statement? What cache and swc do you mean? What is 'that particular ibrary'?

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I can't attach a sample project, but the cache I am removing is by File-> Invalidate Caches/Restart...

There are five libraries, four of which are built from a top level application with each library module having dependencies on the Build Configuration..., and one of which is a provided swc file. The library that is having the issue is one of the four constructed with the Build Configuration.

I'll open an issue and send you the items requested.

The project is shared with a Flash Builder workspace, the updated code is reflected in the eclipse console as expected.



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