Run config for Java app, using just class files vs completed jars


One of our Gradle projects takes a really long time to build the final jar. It has to compress over 2GB of data and takes ~2min to finish. This kills our productivity when debugging if we just make a simple change to some of the Java code. I've made a run config that just runs the classes task (before launch) on this project with the hopes that would avoid the step that creates the final jar. This seems to work on my computer and Android Studio appears to run the program from just the class files.

However on one of my team mates machines it seems like AS is only running from the final Jar file. The Gradle scripts are the same, and I don't really know of any option in Intellij/AS where you pick whether the app runs from class files or a jar file. So I'm kinda confused about how to get this setup working properly on all of my teams computers. We're all on the latest version of AS.

Right now I'm getting a lot of complaints about how much slower it is to work in AS compared to Eclipse. I think a lot of this has to do with the fact that when the push the Make Project button or the Run button it is by default always making the complete jar and APK files.

Thanks, Derek

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