Enable spell checking for all strings and comments

I'm editing a bunch of different (old) script files, some perl scripts, some bash and other bat files. Editing is fine, but I'd like to check my spelling within the files.
Right now, I'm having to open the files in Geany to get them spell checked. I would just use that, but these are all part of larger project that otherwise works really well.
My question, is it possible to just turn spell check on? I have it enabled and it works in other files, like php files.


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@Holgerbrandl In order to enable spellchecking in your plugin, you should implement com.intellij.spellchecker.tokenizer.SpellcheckingStrategy which is specific for your language. Please take a look at some examples: 




It's also required to register your strategy in plugin.xml, f.i.: 

<spellchecker.support language="JAVA" implementationClass="com.intellij.spellchecker.JavaSpellcheckingStrategy"/>


The plugins that provide support for those files needs to implement Spellchecking feature.


Well, I'm mostly editing these as plain text, so what plugin would that be? Can text files be spell checked?

I was hoping to have an option in a menu somewhere to force spell check anything, even if it errors on the code.
I'm also disappointed to hear that it's plugin dependent, so your spelling is at the mercy of the plugin developer and there's no way for me to configure this. I don't like that.

Guess I'm still going to be keeping Geany around for that. Just sucks to keep having to go back and forth for something that should be so basic of a feature.
Oh well, can't have everything, no matter how much you pay for it.

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@Alexey: What would a plugin author need to do to enable spellchecking? I've checked http://www.jetbrains.org/intellij/sdk/docs/welcome.html but could not find any guidance.


I'm an author of the R integration (https://github.com/holgerbrandl/r4intellij) and so far this plugin lack spell checking.


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