aspectj compiler dosn't work for single class compile

hello, i'm facing this problem: my project compile succesfully with ajc if i do full rebuild but if a compile a single class which use aspects (some Roo aspects and some custom one) the ajc compiler fails because the weaving of the related aspect doesn't trigger.
in the compiler output i see many of this warning:

Warning:ajc: this affected type is not exposed to the weaver: it.kion.dol.model.didattica.ComponenteAF [Xlint:typeNotExposedToWeaver]

the annoying thing is that the entire project compile always trigger the weaving of all aspects and it takes long time because of the project size.

anyone has suggestions?

i'm using a licensed version of idea 14.1.4 with the official aspecj and spring aop plugins and with this ajc configuration (i already played with the delegate to javac check)


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Hi Marco,

unfortunately, incremental AspectJ compilation isn't yet fully supported. Vote/watch IDEA-135483 for progress.


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