Hadoop core 1.0.3 sources not found from maven project (and after manual attach)

I have a maven project with hadoop-core dependency that matches what is on apache site:


Now, the class files were downloaded by IJ correctly. But the source files are not.  

(1) Why is maven not able to download sources?

(2) I attached the sources manually. But still when I go to hadoop core class it says sources not found.  Why?
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Maven is not able to download sources for "org.apache.hadoop:hadoop-core:1.0.3" because
central repository does not contain sources, see

May be you have attached sources incorrectly. Please, take screenshot of properties of library "Maven: org.apache.hadoop:hadoop-core:1.0.3" in the Project
Structure dialog.

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I was mistaken about which jar file the code was in :  DBInputFormat is in the mapred jar not the core jar.  So this was my mistake.


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