Validate *.html file as xhtml?

We're using Concordion, which reads html files as xhtml.  They must have an html extension to be picked up by Concordion.  But as far as I can tell, IDEA only validates XHTML if it has an '.xhtml' file extension -- a strange convention if this link is right.  Is there another way to get these validations in a standard html file?


Assign .html to XHTML file type (Settings -> File Types)


That's an IDE-wide setting.  If I change that, then all my html files for all my projects will have to conform to xhtml.  I would have assumed IDEA would just use the doctype or the namespace to identify xhtml.  There should be a file-specific way to handle this, although a project-specific solution would work in my case.


There is no way to do it currently. Feel free to submit a request about it.


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