How to make LiveEdit working?

I am trying to benefit form LiveEdit feature. I use Leda 123.4, I have latest Chrome extentision installed and turned on menu View -> Live Edit.

I am going through AngularJS tutorial
The server is started from command line (script provided by AngularJS) and link http://localhost:8000/app/index.html opended in browser. I have "JetBrains chrome extenstion debugs this tab".
But when I edit the file and save it, the view does not update. But I see small loading indicator in Project view in IDEA.
Even if I open the index.html file directly, so I get url like file:///Users/lgr/Projects/opensource/angular-phonecat/app/index.html still nothings happen.

Do I miss something?


PS. I have Node.js running. Is it not working due to this issue ?

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It works for me (app/index.html). Please create issue, attach test project, specify what file (and what code) do you modify.


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