IntelliJ giving 'internal error' for some (most!) quick-documentation invocations. Am I somehow mis-configured?

Using the Scala plugin, quick-documentation is not working for many cases where (I expect) it should, and reporting 'Cannot fetch remote documentation: internal error'

I am using a default install on Windows 8.1, with a project created by the SBT project creation wizard with no non-default configuration (at least conciously).

Here's a completely trivial example created by entering a minimal 'Hello world' app object into the empty project framework created by the Scala plugin project creation (SBT) inside a package called 'hello':

If I select the 'App' from the 'extends' clause and invoke quick docs (ctrl-Q) I get an appropriate docs popup:
so far, so good.  If I now click on the link to 'DelayedInit' however the result is this:
Looking in the IntelliJ log I see a long stack dump that begins:

2015-09-12 15:41:32,990 [  18712]   INFO - mentation.DocumentationManager -  
 at org.jetbrains.sbt.editor.documentationProvider.SbtDocumentationProvider$$anonfun$generateDoc$1.apply(SbtDocumentationProvider.scala:29)

Probably related to whatever causes this (but I'm not sure it is), the presence of quick-doc info at all seems very erratic.  To illustrate here's a slightly perversely complicated hello world variant:

object Hello extends App {
  val someList = List("Hello world")

  def listHead(ls: List[String]): String = {


Now if I select 'List' from either the val assignment line (the one defining 'someList') or the type specifier for the 'ls' param of the function 'listHead' and attempt to get quick doc:
Here I get some basic type-info, which doesn't include any JavaDoc related to the List class at all (which I think I should - contrast to what I got for 'App' in the earlier image).  If I try to click through the 'List' hyperlink I get the original 'internal error' issue.

I'm not sure if something is mis-configured, or I am simply misunderstanding something about quick-doc.  Can anyone shed any light on this for me?


Hi! Thanks for the report. What version of Scala plugin do you have? This issue should be fixed for IDEA 15. Please try to update IDEA and Scala plugin to the latest versions.


Thanks for your response.

I have IDEA 14.1.4 with the Scala plugin 1.5.2.  As far as I can see 14.1.4 is the latest release build of IDEA and Scala plugin 1.5.2 is the ltatest build compatible with that version of IDEA.  Is that correct?

My usage is currently personal, so I could potentially move to a beta or EAP, but in general I prefer to stick to release builds for the most part.  When do you expect a ver 15 release to occur?  What would be the most stable version you would recommend that (probably) fixes this issue? (of whatever release status)


Yes, you're correct, 1.5.2 is the latest release for IDEA 14. IDEA 15 will be released in November. Meanwhile you could try the latest EAP build of IDEA (which is 142.4675) and the latest release of Scala plugin for IDEA 15 (which is 1.8.4).


I can confirm that it all seems to work correctly in the EAP.  Thanks again.


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