IDEA editing painfully slow and laggy

I'm using LEDA IU-123.4 on Windows 7 x64 Ultimate w/JDK 1.7.0_U3 and find that editing in the editor is painfully slow. The responsiveness from when I type to when I see the character appears has a noticable lag.

I am currently editing a file with 161 lines (pretty small).

IDEA shows it is using 574M of 746M so this isn't GC related.

Should I file a bug or are there some things I can try first to speed things up? Thanks,


FWIW, I have the following plugins enabled:

true Ant Support
true Application Servers View
true Bean Validation Support
true Byte Code Viewer
true CDI Support
true Commander
true Copyright
true Coverage
true CSS Support
true Database Support
true DSM Analysis
true Emma
true GenerateToString
true Git Integration
true GitHub
true Glassfish Integration
true Gradle
true Groovy
true HAML
true HTML Tools
true I18n for Java
true IDEtalk
true Inspection Gadgets
true Inspection-JS
true IntelliLang
true Intention Power Pack
true JarFinder
true Java EE Integration
true Java Server Pages Integration
true JavaScript Debugger
true JavaScript Intention Power Pack
true JavaScript Support
true JSF Support
true JUnit
true LESS support
true Maven Integration
true Maven Integration Extension
true Osmorc
true Persistence Frameworks Support
true Properties Support
true QuirksMode
true Refactor-X
true Remote Hosts Access
true Remote Run
true SASS support
true SQL support
true Structural Search
true Subversion Integration
true Task Management
true TestNG-J
true Type Migration
true UI Designer
true UI Designer (Core)
true UML Support
true W3C Validators
true WebServicesPlugin
true XPathView + XSLT Support
true XSLT-Debugger
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