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We are actually interested in changing our IDE to IntelliJ IDEA and I have some questions :
Do you have an estimation on the number of hours needed to master the IDE for a developer ?
In comparison to free IDE(Eclipse, Netbeans , ...) , how much do you estimate percentage of productivity gain?

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Can't estimate hours since 1) aware of no studies and 2) don't know how uyou're going to use it - what technologies you'll be using.

I can say this. I have used all the IDEs and by far Intellij is absolutely the most intuitive for straight Java coding and technologies. Cnosider this. IDEs are treated as loss leaders by gigantic multinational corporations who have teams of the best devs money can buy then give the development effort away for free. That's the market Intellij has to survive in. But it not only survives, but thrives. People pay good money for Intellij and it's chosen by Fortune 500 corporations all over the world. Every picture tells a story.


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