Flash App Icon Errors & Problems Copying Image Files to apk / ipa Files.


I am making a Flash AIR application in IntelliJ IDEA. I am currently trying to test for android, and I am creating the apk file by choosing Build -> Package AIR Application... and then clicking Package. I get this error when I do it:

         Failed to package AIR application HeadExploder.apk:

               MY_PATH\HeadExploder-app.xml:          error 303: Icon media/icons/exploindeIcon50.png is missing from package     

The icons section of my HeadExploder-app.xml descriptor file looks like this:

I've tried various things in the value here like:
But nothing I try works. :/
My src folder is at the same package level as the descriptor xml
It goes src/media/icons/ ..icon files..
The build output when I "Make" the project is in 
folder and contains the images I need in the icons folder.
However, when I use 7-zip to "open archive" on the 
apk it does not contain the icons folder:
So my questions are:
- Is my problem actual that the icons folder is missing in the apk?
- If yes, how can I copy the image files folder to the apk?
- If no, how to I add the icon images and prevent the error?
I know other people have gotten past this by using the command 
line ADT to creat the apk. I feel like there must be a way to 
do it in IntelliJ though so I am asking for help. Thanks.
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Files to include in the APK package are configured in the Project Structure | Modules | [your Flash module] | [your Flash build configuration subnode] | Android tab.

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Thanks. It works.

In the Android tabs under "Files and Folders to Package" I added this:

C:\\MY_PATH\icons with "It's relative path in package" as "icons"

Then reference the icon image like this:

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Yep, this looks correct.


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