How Does Run Debug Structure Work?

I was excited to see the addition of run/debug structures fixed in the latest EAP.

I tried to use it in my existing project but couldn't work it out.
I tried all the buttons that I could see and even tried dragging and dropping one run config onto another (that might be a useful new feature!)

It took me a while to realise that there was an extra toolbar icon that appeared when you click on the top folded level
e.g. Application or TestNG.

I have never clicked on this level before as I always either click on the expand (+) button or on the run config itself.

Can you make the icon visible all the time please.

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Ah, thanks for the post!
I also read about the feature, tried to use it and but gave up because I could not find it. I also looked for a context menu on the configuration items.

I filed a YouTrack issue:
Please vote/comment on it.


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