Improvements to the Darcula Look and Feel (OSX)

Hey all,

Is there anyone else there trying out the new Darcula look and feel/color scheme? I really like the color scheme altho it has some issues, and recently noticed there was also a full Look and Feel for it - but also.... has some issues.

See for a screen shot I took the other day:

Some issues I have:

  • The black file name text on test sources is hard to read and jarring ( the file ).
  • The standard icon set colours don't quite feel right, but I couldn't tell you how
  • When editing SQL, theres blue colors for numbers against a darken green/yellow color which is hard to read

I've not raised any tickets for these yet, but thought I'd raise a discussion topic first... anyone else giving Darcula a try?

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Hello Mark!
Thanks for the feedback. The best thing you can do to help us is to file an issue(s) to YouTrack with screenshot attached. A lot of problems have been fixed last weeks and available through EAP updates.

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I tried Darcula under OS-X 10.8.2 - some issues here, see attachments.



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