What is the "default gradle wrapper"

Creating a gradle based project you have the option to chose between using the "default gradle wrapper" and a "customizable gradle wrapper".
Whats the difference between both?

Thank you!

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I find the "default gradle wrapper" label confusing. When I have a provided, existing gradlew script on the disk, I do not want to use a default wrapper, I want to use the existing, non-default one. Any of the italicized phrases would describe the function of this option better than "default", in my opinion.


I wouldn't mention this detail if it didn't make a practical difference. I for one spent half an hour or more yesterday reconstructing the configuration provided in the gradlew file &Co. after it had been overriden by IntelliJ IDEA defaults (that is, from the "gradle wrapper task configuration" -- "Gradle wrapper customization in script").

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That was exactly my interpretation: I do not want to use _default_ if I already have one defined in my project. Several hours lost...


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