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We are having a slightly strange problem. We are developing a java web application where we use polymer on the frontend, thus it's practical to edit the .html files in the same IDE.

I can see on the IntelliJ javascript features page that it should support highlighting within the <script></tags>, but it just wont work.

Any ideas?

I am running IDEA 14.1.4 Community Edition

Example of file:


<dom-module id="my-hello">
            Hi! My name is <span>Jane</span>
Job: <span>{{}}</span>, ID: <span>{{}}</span></h1>
Progress: <span>{{bajaxResponse.progressPercentage}}</span></p>

        <sub-hello bajaxResponse="{{bajaxResponse}}"></sub-hello>

var test = "Hello"
        is: 'my-hello',
        properties: {
            mytest: {
                type: String,
                value: "Hello"
            bajaxResponse: {
                type: Object,
                notify: true
        hresponse: function(request) {
          this.bajaxResponse = request.detail.response;


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Idea Community Edition supports neither JavaScript nor Polymer. You need Idea Ultimate for this


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