EAP released plagued with major defects

First off let me say that I have used Intellij IDEA for years now and still believe it is the best IDE out there which is why I continue to pay for the new releases.
For the most part I have participated in the EAP releases since for the most part they have been fairly stable with some issues on occassion. I realize by definition it is EAP and with it comes risks of being unstable in certain areas but lately these releases have major core functional pieces broken. For example, Gradle not being enabled in the build so totally missing, GWT not capable of being enabled and Spring for the most part non-functional due to continuous exceptions being thrown.

I'm not sure what level of testing is done prior to the EAP releases but seeing how even a trivial test would catch the problems I just mentioned I'm guessing not much. I hope this post brings some attention to the testing done for the releases. Even though this is EAP I don't believe that the EAP users should be performing the functions of what a QA team or unit/integration/functional tests should be doing.


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I agree.  Not sure if this is typical for EAP releases but the Leda EAP seems to have quite a few nasty bugs in fundemental features.  I may wind up skipping Idea 12 if it doesn't improve.  


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