Icon for public classes

I like the idea to paint the background of test sources green in the project view. However, I would like to see a little more contrast between the green background and the green lock icon for public classes. How about using an even lighter green for the background?

Bildschirmfoto 2012-10-20 um 10.09.58.png
The screenshot in here is a misleading. When you focus on it, it's ok to see. It's different when you look at the project view on a 24" screen.

And: the groovy class icon has a dark border which gives it good contrast against the background. This is not the case for java classes. Maybe the edges should be a little more pronounced as well.

Generally, I like the idea of a new icon set. Here's some thoughs:

  • Show history is nice.
  • The new commit icon feels more like diff (if it were without the arrow, of course)
  • diff and and revert probably are not redone. I'm curious what the icon for revert will be, because the current icon never really meant revert to me...
  • not sure what the "show ignored files" icon is supposed to be, though. How about a filter?
  • capture cpu snapshot/memory snapshot: really nice!
  • it's interesting to see that step over and run to cursor go from up to down, whereas step into and step out go from left to right
  • new folders: hmm, suppose I'll get used to it some time... But in the bread crumbs bar, they definitely need to have more contrast against the background. With the current color combination, they are really hard to see.

Just some thoughts...

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