Scala / SBT / Cucumber feature file format and navigation?

Hi all, I'm finding two issues with Scala/Cucumber in Intellij 14 (and 15 EAP)

1. Cucumber feature files are not colourised according to the Colors and Fonts preferences.

The files have the right icon, butthe  only receive a basic Gherkin colourisation (i.e., Given, When, Then keywords but nothing else). It's mostly plain text.

I've got the cucumber-scala plugin for Intellij installed. Is there something else I need to do?

2. This might be related: there's no navigation from the feature file to the Step definition.

Is this being worked on?


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This might be plugin specific issue. Did you already contact plug-in maintainer (Daniel Wegener) for help? seems to be the correct place to report such issues.

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Actually, the problem is that Intellij 15 EAP only uses the cucumber-jvm plugin version 0.1 instead of 0.3.1 as does Intellij 14.
And you can't manually import the updated plugin.


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