How much functionality is there in the Spring diagram for Java config?

Consider the following Java config (from Spring in Action)

public class RepositoryTestConfig {
    public DataSource dataSource() {...}
    public SessionFactory sessionFactory(DataSource dataSource) {...}
    public PlatformTransactionManager platformTransactionManager(SessionFactory sessionFactory) {...}

When I invoke the Spring Dependencies diagram I get the following:


IDEA sees that the sessionFactory is injected in the repositories but misses the dependencies from the Java config above. sessionFactory depends on dataSource and platformTransactionManager depends on sessionFactory.

What functionality is there in the diagram generated from a JavaConfig? The documentation doesn't really go into the details of what is or isn't supported. What I see now doesn't look very helpful for a big project.

Is there any new functionality in the pipeline for version 15 (I'm on 14.1.4 now)?


Did you configure "RepositoryTestConfig" in your Spring facet as configuration file? Java config should be working AFAIU. If it still fails, please create an issue
and attach sample project/link to sources. Thanks!


Yes, the Spring facet was configured properly. I've created a minimal example with this issue and submitted


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