Scala Project - Dependency Management

I am evaluating Intellij for one of our new scala project and may purchase the product once I am fully satisfied with my evaluation.

This is also my first attempt to move from Eclipse default build management to SBT build management in IntelliJ. So kind of bit lost, appreciate any kind of links or video that will help me to migrate my projects to IntelliJ Idea.

I have around 7 scala projects in Eclipse, so similarly i will create 7 scala projects in IntelliJ, hope this is the right way to migrate.

Additionally, each of the project is dependent upon few common libraries, how do i reference this project dependency during design time so that I can access the project class and traits.

I am reading on SBT and it seems that i need to follow multi build management approach to achieve this during runtime.

I also work on Visual Studio  platform and dependency management is just a breeze over there.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi! Glad you've decided to try IDEA. Here you can find some helpful tips about how to use Scala plugin.

As for project and dependencies, basically all you need is a properly set up SBT project. So you should first transform your existing Eclipse projects into SBT's one. I'm not sure if there is some transformation automation from Eclipse to SBT, but I guess you can do it manually using SBT guide. Next you need to import SBT project into IDEA. Follow these steps to do it. If you experience any difficulties while working on SBT project in IDEA, feel free to ask questions here.


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