Debugger won't connect to Node js session

This was always working fine before and now it has just stopped. When I try to debug any node js apps using the node plugin the console just shows:

"C:\Program Files\nodejs\node.exe" --debug-brk=49586 app.js
Debugger listening on port 49586

but then the application never actually continues and runs. It works fine if I just try to run without the debugger. I have tried completely reinstalling intellij and node js with no luck.

I am running Intellij 12.1.7 and have never seen this problem before and I have installed on differant machines.

Please help.

I have the same problem! Using node 0.12 and Webstorm 9.0.3


Same here

I have tried reinstalling everything:

IntelliJ 15 EAP + latest nodejs plugin + latest node.js
reinstalling latest 14.1.4 + latest nodejs pluing for that.

With node.js 12.
debugger stops at "listening to port..."
run works fine.

With io.js
debugger runs but does not stop at break points.
run works fine.

I was expecting to start the debugger and step through, which was working in past, and stopped for unknown reasons an unknown short time ago.  I distinctly remember setting breakpoints in simple ES6 code with IO.JS and having it work.

This bug happens on every node.js project now, which are different enough that I don't think it's sometime I've done I cannot use the remote debugger at all :(

These are all seen in this video:

FIX found here.

These are possibly related:


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