perforce performance woes again

intellij 11 rc1 is essentially useless to me... it says updating indexes all the time, but after invalidating the cache it seemed to get better. Then it is up to its old tricks again. visualvm finds the usual culprit: perforce plug-in. you had a problem with this in version 10 as well. do you hate perforce? ;)

enclosing a snapshot of visual VM.

Please tell me I'm doing something stupid and it's an easy fix :)

Terence, @the_antlr_guy

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I too find the current perforce performance extremely frustrating.  I have voted up every p4 performance related issue I can find, but I haven't seen any efforts to work on this issue.  I'm tired of waiting for them to do it on their own.  We're still waiting for 'p4 move' support.  Perforce has just released the 'streams' feature, and I doubt we'll see support for that any time soon either.  I wish that the developers would just release the source to the p4  integration so I could patch this myself and submit the fixes.  This has  been a problem for several years now with no signs of improvement.

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Works on the performance of Perforce plugin and p4 move support are in progress now.
We estimate it for minor releases of IntelliJ IDEA 11.

Unfortunately, performance improvements for local changes gathering are not tested enough now, so we suspended them for 11.0.
We are going to put them into 11.0.X EAPs - after release.

I will post when EAP with fixes will be available

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Here's the issue I've been seeing for quite a while now:

Anyone else seeing this?

Agree that Perforce integration has been buggy and a performance drain since at least version 9.


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