Intellij 11 Git log load time

Why does the log take a long time to load everytime you have restarted the IDE? I can understand that it takes time the first time, load the log, and render the new "neat" graph. (I always wanted this feature!). But I see that every time I take a look at the log after a restart, it needs to do all the work over again. Compare this to something like Git Extensions where the graph and log is rendered pretty effortlessly in comparison.

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Hello mave,

In IntelliJ IDEA we reload data for git log every time you press refresh or change filter parameters.
We cache data, but not the links between commits.
We also use limited size cache, since we suppose that mostly users are interested in latest commits, and don't want to waste memory to keep all the data.

I also tried Git Extensions, and during my experiments I didn't find it significantly different from our solution.

We are working on performance in this area, and I will do some improvements for IntelliJ IDEA 11 (better cache some data).

I will write here when improvements are complete.


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