Threading Issues Continue in IU110.365

As noted in the GA forums, I've switched back to Eclipse for a lot of my new development work as IDEA has developed serious threading issues when doing many refactorings.

I just downloaded EAP IU 110.365 to see if the situation has improved. It doesn't appear so.

Between 1:24pm 2:25pm today, IDEA64 has written 50 thread dump files, included in the attached Zip file.  Rename refactoring hangs. Extract Constant hangs. Quick fix hangs.

So I find myself with Eclipse and IDEA both open. I try to do some refactoring in IDEA. It hangs, so I switch to Eclipse, do the same refactoring (instant response) do some more work, come back 2 or 3 minutes later and IDEA is still in thread deadlock hell. I switch back to Eclipse, get some more real work done for a few minutes and switch back to IDEA. Finally, IDEA is reponsive, but the original refactoring I needed has long since been accomplished in Eclipse.

Some of IDEA's refactorings are so much better, I'll eat the wait time.  For instance, when extracting a method, Eclipse does so only in the local method where the refactoring occurs. IDEA sees the results of the refactoring can be applied in multiple methods and prompts if I'd like to do so. Fantastic!

Sadly, I still find myself spending more time in Eclipse getting real work done than in IDEA.

What has gone wrong with IDEA?


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Do you explicitly start idea64.exe?
I am on a 64bit Windows 7 and by default IDEA seems to start idea.exe, which I believe is the 32 bit version.

Do you see this same behaviour if you start idea.exe?

P.S how do you do any real work with eclipse?  :p


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