Update of website with IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition sources


While downloading binaries for IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition, you are suggested to download source from [1]. The latest version for now is 14.1.4, but on the mentioned page the version 13 is latest available. Can this webpage be updated?

On [2] one can also download releases. But I see there rather snaphots than releases. It seems GitHub is missing such a feature to disinguish between snapshots and releases. Is there any info how to map ideaIC-14.0.3.tar.gz, ideaIC-14.1.4.tar.gz,.. to idea/ idea/142.3689.tar.gz, 142.3695.tar.gz,...?


[1] http://www.jetbrains.org/display/IJOS/Download
[2] https://github.com/JetBrains/intellij-community/releases

P.S. By the way, "undo" (ctrl-z) doesn't work in the embedded html-editor here in forum, does it? Can this be true? It's essential!

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Hello Andrey,

we'll update the download page, thank you.

Numbers in tags on GitHub are build numbers (http://www.jetbrains.org/intellij/sdk/docs/basics/getting_started/build_number_ranges.html). To find out
a build number of an IDEA version you can look at build.txt file in the IDEA installation. Also the build number of the latest release is shown on
https://www.jetbrains.com/idea/download/ page. So the sources of IDEA 14.1.4 are available by idea/141.1532.4 tag

Nikolay Chashnikov
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