Debugging remote javascript - a few questions...

Using 10.5 (Build 107.52) Mac OSX (firefox and or chrome)

1) Do I need to map the remote url for every javascript file I want to debug? My dialog box looks nothing like the one in this post I have a dialog that wants a URL open to open (which I assume is the root url of the remote app?) and then a large dialog to map RemoteURLs to local files? I have a lot of js files and they are in some subdirectories unders web/js do I need to map each remote js file to it's location in the project in the left-hand tree?

2) It doesn't look like the debugger picks up javascript files that end up on pages that are severed up by an ajax request. For example if I return html content back to the browser through an ajax call that has a javascript declaration, it doesn't show up in the IDE ? That's going to cause some issues. (At least I believe that's the behavior I'm seeing - the other content might be being served up from another Tile I'm not sure - all I know is it's only picking up the intial javascript declarations on the top most portion of the containing html page. For me to debug the other javascript I have to move all of them to the main template script section which really isn't ideal.

Thanks for any help

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It looks the biggest issue is that it doesn't pick up javascript files that aren't declared on the first page that loads... so it doesn't pick up dyanmic pages that are loaded from tile inserts for example.  It only seems to pick up the javascript files that are initially declared when the app first starts up and the debugger attaches.

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If your javascript files are located under some directory you can specify the remote url for that directory and the remote urls for files will be
composed automatically by adding relative paths.

Regarding the item 2: could you please create an issue in our tracker ( and attach a sample project
illustrating the problem?

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