Maven dependency changes - how do I force IntelliJ to check all Java imports across all my project's classes are still ok?

Hi all,

We chagned a maven dependency for our project. The version number changed from 1.x.y to 2.n.m, because of breaking changes (e.g. packages being renamed).

How can I make sure IntelliJ goes through all classes in the project and checks if it can still find all imports, highlighting all those it can't find anymore, the second the de[endency is loaded?

At the moment, we have to open every class manually, and check, at whcih point IntelliJ will mark it as broken if there are any issues. What we'd like is that faulty classes are highlighted in the Project Viewer with a red squigly underline as soon as maven has loaded the new dependency in...

Is there an option for that?

Kind regards,


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Build | Make and see the errors.

Or enable automatic compilation and see the problems view.


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