Problems after suspend to disk (Hibernation)

Hello Community,

I have some problems with IDEA not being stable any more after resuming on my Linux box. So I have to close IDEA first before hibernate. I have made some tests with an other Java application and it had some problems as well. So I assume it is really related to JDK core (1.6.0_20). I am curious if you know this problem (did not find something in java bug database) and if you have probably some tips or a workaround?


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My joking response would be to switch to OS/X which has the best suspend support of all the operating systems. Windows 7 supposedly isn't too far behind now either. But, realistically, Linux has always had suspend issues. Suspend tends to require deep intrusion into subsystems that make someone looking for an elegant solution uncomfortable. There are no good solutions I know of for your issue. Your best bet will probably be pinging the forums of the distribution you use. If that doesn't work, you can try switching distributions to see if a different distribution might fix your problem. If you can replicate the problem in a VM you might try that to test different distributions.


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