New horizontal scrollwheel functionality

This is a pretty nifty little feature, glad to see it!

Is there any way to adjust the amount that gets scrolled for each click of the mousewheel though?

On a widescreen, especially when dealing with console windows and the like, I find myself having to scroll way too much to have the screen move a significant amount.
I was pretty happy to see the feature introduced, but I find myself going for the scrollbar anyway because it's just too inefficient to see what I need with the mousewheel.




it's almost unusable with such low scroll speed


I've long wished for the simple addition of a page-per-tick mode associated with SHIFT-ScrollWheel.

I've yet to see a mouse with a horizontal scroll wheel. Mac's have their new touch-sensitive mice and trackpads, which are very nice. Do they work with the feature?

Randall Schulz


Hello Shorn,
  it's been fixed. Now we use new approach to horizontal scrolling. Speed is quadratic depends on component.width/scrollpane.width. It works fine for me. It should be available in the last EAP for 10.5



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