idea.exe vs. idea64.exe?

For a long time now, I've noticed there are two exe files for IDEA: idea.exe and idea64.exe. It seems obvious from the naming that idea64.exe is a 64-bit version. However, I've never found any reference to this in the IDEA docs.

First, is there a reason why the difference between these files isn't explained anywhere? It seems odd that JetBrains would provide a 64-bit version, but never mention it or explain why you'd use it over idea.exe.

And second, if one wishes to use the 64-bit IDEA, do we have to manually start it up using idea64.exe? Or does idea.exe have some logic built into it that checks whether the system is 64-bit, and automatically launches idea64.exe if it is?



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The only difference is that idea64.exe will run under 64-bit JVM.

Using idea64.exe makes sense only if your project is too large and you are getting out of memory errors even with 1-2GB heap size, otherwise using idea.exe is recommended.

There is no automatic logic, you need to start it manually and you also need to install 64-bit JDK 1.8 first as IDEA on Windows is bundled with 32-bit JDK.

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Installer offers the option of 32-bit launcher or 64-bit launcher.  What determines which one I should choose?


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