Flex configuration for Maven projects


we've recently updated to Flex Mojos 4 and had issues creating the Flex configuration files. As I understood, we used to add the "configurationReport" element in the pom and set it to true so that it would be created whenever the Maven projects were imported. Recently this seems to have changed and we now have to do a Maven compile with the "configurationReport" parameter, just to create the config report.

Although I understand that this is needed, the fact that this needs to be done manually is a pain. It would be a lot easier and transparent to the user if the config files were just created in the background when the Flex projects were imported.

Are there any plans to change this, or is there any technical limitation why it is not done this way?


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Due to some technical reasons full Flexmojos 4 support was delayed, but it is on the road of course.


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