Grails/Groovy controller seems to hang with >1800 LOC with IntelliJ 10.0.2

Greetings all!

Bit of a shot in the dark here with a potentially gnarly problem.  Having upgraded to 10 in the tail end of last year and patched to current version 10.0.2 I've been really impressed with how far the grails functionality and support has progressed since the heady days of 8.x.  However, I'm now experiencing a major issue that has completely stopped all productivity and made me migrate to the dreaded half-baked STS!  The problem is this: We have a rather large Grails controller with approximately 1800 LOC which causes IntelliJ to hang for a good minute as soon as a key stroke is registered.  Yes, I know this is could be seen as big and clunky but there are big withFormat{...} DSL blocks for returning and rendering responses to the callers (it's interacting with a external AJAX based app rather than using GSPs to display the content).  Commenting out chunks of the code seems to suddenly improve performance and it's useable again.

I've searched the forums and found some other threads  ( and but these seem to  have a resolution of "closed"/"solved".  I've also disabled as many plugins as I can, including some of the intention-specific functionality all to no avail.

Interestingly, when developing the other modules which include grails services over java/hibernate domain and a couple of "pure" GORM apps we have no problems what-so-ever so I believe it's down to the performance of either the groovy-intentions, groovy syntax checker or some other feature interacting with the DSL. I've reached this conclusion using a 'double-headed' process - both examining the stack dumps that are produced (see attached) and running tests on multiple machines which were previously running 8.x and 9.x and have just been upgraded to 10.0.2

Environmental details:
- Windows 7 Enterprise x64
- 4gb Ram / 320GB HDD (lots of free space!)
- Intel Core2 2.5Ghz proc
- Grails 1.2.5 / Groovy 1.6.8
- IntelliJ version 10.0.2

Attached files:
log.rar - containing the thread dumps and my current IntelliJ options.

Any advice / pointers are gratefully received!

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We've done some serious performance improvements in 10.5 whose first EAP should be released quite soon. Please try it and if the problem persists, please create a YouTrack issue with CPU snapshots attached (see


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