Syntax highlighting for FeatureSpec Scalatest


While FunSpec gets a bit of syntax coloring for the function "it" there is nothing for highlited in featureSpec. For instance Scenario, Feature, Given When Then. I am wondering if something is not working, if the plugin never intented it, and most importantly, how can i define a syntax highlighting myself if it is possible and not too complicate to do so. I would like to give some color to those key function.

Please any help,


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Thank you for the feedback.

The highlighting for 'it' is caused by 'it' being a val, while 'scenario' and 'property' are defs. It's coming from default scala plugin highlighting scheme.

I don't think there is a way right now to allow highlighting of scalaTest DSLs without patching the plugin code.
I've created an issue on youTrack ( for this.

Syntax highlighting for scalaTest DSLs seems like a very good idea, I will try to attend to it ASAP.

With best regards,

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Many thanks


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