Inspections (unused code) broken since ages

We were using IDEA 8 for a long time. Approximate one month ago I've
switched to IDEA X. Today I had to clean up a code base and was using
Analyze|Inspect Code with a profile that has "Unused declaration" (and a few
other options) selected. My experience is as bad as with all previous IDEA
versions since at least IDEA 7:

- IDEA reports methods as unused which are used (and Safe Delete warns)

- when right-clicking a search result entry in "Declaration Redundancy |
Unused Declaration" and selecting Safe Delete, it will invalidate other
search result entries (especially for multiple methods/fields for a class)
causing entry to look buggy "invalid (INVALID)", losing track of the right
line numbers

IIRC, I've reported such bugs years ago, but obviously they did not got
fixed. It should be very easy to reproduce: use a library (source code)
which is just partly used by an application and give it a try. You will hit
such bugs after the first 10 tries.


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Did other users also have similar experiences with searching for unused



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