Keystrokes ignored in Idea 10.0.2 EAP (102.216)

I have experienced some issues with keystrokes being ignored in both 102.216 and 102.149 under OSx.

It does not happen all the time - not till I have been using Idea for a couple of hours. But when it starts happening it is seriously annoying. When I edit Java code and starts typing e.g. "private static final" but immediately after the 'p' keypress 'Idea starts indexing and shows the rotating icon next to the p - while the icon is visible no keystrokes appear even though I keep typing - nor do they appear after the icon disappear. So instead of the word 'private' which I typed I only see 'pat' in the editor.

I know two other IntelliJ users that have experienced the same behavior - one of which is using Windows 7 64-bit.

None of us experienced this problem on Idea 10.0.1.

Is there a known bug report of this - I'm new here in the forums so maybe there is an obvious place I should start looking.

Any help will be appreciated :-)


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Learned about issuetracker and found an existing issue:


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