Live template to display currentPackage

I want to create live template tiwtch will return the file package inside grails view file (gsp)
At fist I wanted to use build in currentPackage() variable for live templates but this vasiable seems not to be aviabalbe for grails views.

So next lead was to use
groovyScript("groovy code")

and run custom script, but I am not sure how this shoulb be implemented.

1. First of all I wonder what would be the proper path to the script in the grails project (can the path be relative to the project or must it be full path to the file?)

2. Secould I am not sure ho to access _editor variable reffered in the grail docs inside the description of groovyScript (
I would be very gratefull if some one could write me a script wich will access _editor variable and return the package (or even just file location becouse gsp files technicly do not have packages, but there is folder structure witch as always may be converted to package and I will do rest on my own)

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