Issues with Play Framework in IntelliJ

I am using the latest version of the EAP for IntelliJ and I am also a licensee for the Ultimate edition. I am running into some frustrating problems when using it with Play Framework.

Although the project will import from SBT and auto update dependencies when SBT changes, when I try to do a make on the project it runs forever. I end up killing the make after 10 or 15 minutes. When I run the app in a console it takes only a 15 seconds or so to build. Furthermore, it seems that it keeps rebuildign the code even if I had just recompiled it in the console, like intellij is using a different directory and not recognizing that the files are already built. However the biggest problem is that I cant run any unit tests inside the IDE. When I try to run the tests it tries to do a build and since the build never finishes it cant run the test.

The play application is a pretty standard Ebeans - Play - MySQL - Angular application so there is nothing special in the build.

So here are the questions.
1) How can I get my tests to run in the IDE?
2) Why wont the build finish or recognize its already built? Is there a workaround?
3) Can I get intellij to do "make" with SBT  and the scala Daemon compiler and NOT with its internal compilers?

Thanks in advance.

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Dmitry Naydanov


if you want to use sbt 'daemon compiler' (i.e. sbt ~compile in console or similar)  you can remove Make before launch in run configuration settings. It will work for tests because IDEA uses the same output dir that sbt does.


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