How are you supposed to use the Git branch configurations?

I must admit confusion as to how to make use of the Git branch configuration selector in the bottom right of the status bar in the EAP. Is it supposed to be used to switch between branches? Because it doesn't seem to work for that.

I can manage configurations, I can automatically detect them, etc. But if I select a different branch I get a dialog box telling me that the Git Branch Configuration Changed and wanting me to create a new configuration. Am I misunderstanding how this works?

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Sorry for a delay with the answer.

we've disabled the widget "Git branch configurations" in IDEA 10 RC, because it proved itself too complicated.

This control will be reworked in one of IDEA minor updates, plese, stay in touch.

Btw, let me ask: do you have projects with multiple Git repositories or you always use only one repository for the whole project?

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I look forward to this widgets return. It was really quite nice.

For most of my projects there is one git repository. But sometimes I will bring modules of other dependent projects from other git repos so its easier to modify them.



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